Individual Counseling- I work with adolescents and adults to identify concerns, find possible solutions, and help you to improve your life!


Coaching- We will work together to increase your productivity and performance, clarify goals and dreams, and improve overall wellness.  As a coach, I provide accountability and support to move you toward a fantastic life.


Couples Counseling- I work with couples in any stage of a relationship to develop communication skills, regain a connection, recover from infidelity, or address any other concerns you may have.


Premarital Coaching- Couples who are planning a wedding often experience a lot of stress, and they may not have clearly discussed many of the important issues they bring into a marriage.  We will talk about common issues (such as children, finances, relationship expectations) as well as any specific concerns you identify during the sessions.  This allows you to go into the marriage on the same page and stress-free!


Family Therapy- When working with children, I find it most effective to involve the family in counseling sessions.  In this way, change can be carried on throughout the week as parents learn new skills to help their child manage behavior, stress, or other issues.