Stress is a part of our everyday lives.  It can build up from the little things (what to make for dinner, paying bills, illness), or it can be a result of large concerns (loss of job, getting a divorce, losing a loved one).  There are actually two types of stress.  One, called eustress, is considered to be "good stress."  This is the kind of stress that prompts you into action and improves your situation.  An example of this is the mild stress that someone might feel before a presentation, which prompts the person to prepare carefully for the big event.  The other type of stress, distress, is the negative stress that we often think of.  While everyone will experience stress and difficulties, there are ways to manage it so that the end result is a positive, healthy, and relaxed life.  Please explore the website to learn new ways to manage your stress and find resources to help you lead a positive life.  If you ever feel overwhelmed and would like to talk to a professional, you can reach Sonya at 843-324-5769 to schedule a confidential consultation.